Decorating Mistakes

Fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner. These are some of the busiest months for home designers. As the joyous season approaches, there are many design mistakes that decorators need to avoid. Here is a look at the top-5 decorating mistakes that have become all too common.

TV Focal Point

Let’s be clear: every piece of furniture does not need to be pointed at the television. This basic set-up was created a long time ago. Before it was the television, families gathered around the radio. There are other objects that should be showcased in your rooms. Maybe your furniture can face a beautiful piece of art. Don’t be afraid to hide your television in general – perhaps behind a cabinet door.

Fear Of Color

Too much white throughout a home quickly becomes overbearing. Whether it’s the featured color of your walls or furniture, you do not want your home to feel like a barren jail cell. Let your home breathe with all sorts of colors! Seasonal colors will give your home a new life and it will always impress your guests to see rotating colors throughout the year.

Living In The Past

As Christopher Walken once said in the film, Joe Dirt, “the past is past, the future is now.” Every home is full of memories and items that remind some of the good ‘ole days. It all depends on where you keep these items though. Try not to store them in visible places. Whether it is a creative storage dresser or the basement, keeping your souvenirs out of a view is a good idea.

Photo Overload

Sometimes photos can become phot-nos. Everyone loves a good collage of friends and family. It helps make your house feel like a home. But when photos fill every single room, it loses its appeal quickly. The excessive photos cease being novel and turn into nausea. Guests love seeing personal photos, but at some point, enough is enough.

Painting First

You do not have to paint your walls before placing your furniture in the room. This is maybe the most common mistake that home designers make. Wait until your set-up is complete. You could box yourself in with a fresh coat of paint already on the walls. Place your large bookshelf against whichever wall you like; don’t let the paint job dictate the structure of the room.