2018 Styles

The new year is officially here, and interior designers are already saying, “new year, new me, new designs.” January is the perfect time to update the interior of your home. The kitchen can become a focal point and the bathroom can resemble a resort this year. Here are several interior design styles to watch for in 2018.

Transforming Dining Room

The traditional dining room continues down the path of the dinosaurs – extinction. 2017 was another year of decreasing popularity of these rooms. The kitchen has officially taken over as the “family meal room.” A lot of interior designers have focused on the kitchen lately, making it one of the most visited areas inside a home.


Having art in your home is never a bad look. Art is always tasteful, classy, and it truly gives your home character. One word to watch for in the next year is oversized. Oversized art is one of the emerging trends that could be here to stay. Big art should be displayed in living areas around the house.


While you may have already started circling dates on the 2018 calendar, it’s time to also cover the interior of your home in circles. Triangles were the “it” design of last season, but experts believe circles will take over in the coming months. On pillows, blankets, or wallpaper – circle patters will work well.

Beauty And The Bathroom

For many people, the bathroom can be a getaway or a vacation from the hectic real world. Time slows down in the bathroom, whether it is a relaxing shower or bath. That’s why resort-themed bathrooms are a trend to look for in 2018. Indoor plants and soft lighting can be brought into your bathroom to resemble the beautiful lavatories that are found in tropical settings. Instead of going to the spa, you can finally bring the spa inside your own home.