Trends In The UK

As the seasons change, so do the interior design trends. Holiday decorations and fireplaces are two of the top trends during the American winters. Now it’s time to go overseas and check out some of the hottest current design ideas in the UK.

Kiss The Cook

Neglecting the kitchen is an all too common mistake for homeowners redesigning the interior of their properties. A fresh, revamped look in the kitchen can definitely bring the whole house together. Grey and blue are two colors that always work well in the winter months, but don’t be afraid to mix in more colors. Adding a bowl of greens or fruit on the counter makes the kitchen even more aesthetically pleasing.


As mentioned above, grey and blue are terrific interior colors. Most think of green as a summer color that begins to fade away in the autumn. But the experts say it is more than appropriate to bring green back in the winter. Fifty shades of grey may be too many, but there are many shades of green that will look good in your home.

Map It Out

Where have you been and where do you plan on going? Your guests will definitely have questions like these when they first step foot in your home. Printed maps were “in” a long time ago and they are currently making a comeback. A large map display of the world is an easy way to make your interior stand out.

Off The Wall

Your houseguests will be bouncing off the walls when they get a look at this modern design. The new words for walls are untreated and natural. Let everything else inside your home pop, while the walls simply provide the perfect backdrop. Some may wrongly neglect the kitchen area, but leaving your walls blank is absolutely fine.