Winter Design

As the calendar rolls into the month of December, home designers scramble to make their properties as beautiful as possible. While holiday decorations and fireplaces are musts this season, there are many other features that can breathe life into your home. Here are a few more interior design ideas for the cold winter months yet to come.


Candles are synonymous with the holiday season. Think about it – when the family gathers for that holiday meal, what is at the center of the table? The more the merrier should be the motto for candle use in the next few weeks. Candles liven up your home, especially when the fireplace is not crackling.

Blues Brothers

Last time, grey was the recommended color to use in the home, but blue can serve as a tremendous compliment as well. Don’t just go for a plain or light shade of blue though, a deep, darker blue is more appropriate this time of the year. You will love the way the dark blue wallpaper looks behind your grey pillows.

Open Up Those Windows

Snow may be cold and difficult to drive through, but who doesn’t love looking at the snow from the comfort of your warm, cozy home? If the fireplace or television is not the focal point of the room, then open up those windows to enjoy the beautiful views of the great outdoors. Opening up a room or two can revitalize the way your home looks in the dark and dreary seasons.


Winter-friendly fabrics and materials are a must this time of the year. The word “cozy” is best left to interpretation. Whatever cozy means to you and your home – that should be the template you follow when designing the interior. Whether it is a lot of white, grey, or blue, adding snow-themed colors to living areas can really give your home a unique look and feel.