Winter Home

It feels like just yesterday you were redesigning your home’s interior for the upcoming fall season. But now, Thanksgiving is less than a week away and the holiday season will officially get underway. The holidays can be hectic, but at the same time, they are relaxing and beautiful. Here are a few interior design ideas for the cold winter months.


No matter where you live, the winter time is chilly. It’s this time of the year when a fireplace becomes one of the main focal points of your home. You can spruce up the fire area in many different ways. Whether it’s by adding lights around the fireplace or simply stacking wood, a nice fire area is always warm and inviting for your guests.

All Natural

Natural wood was in during the fall and guess what, wood is still in this winter! The natural look is one of the rare designs that translates to many different seasons. This look gives your home an elegant mystique that is hard to achieve. And who knows, maybe this trend will continue to be popular for the spring season too!

Holiday Decorations

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas/Hanukah are close by. Now is the time to decorate your home, inside and out. The front and back of your home can be lit up with holiday lights, while the living room can feature some festive plants. Do not forget about all the annual holiday decorations when redesigning your home this winter.

50 (Or Less) Shades Of Grey

Check out what your family room or kitchen looks like when it's filled with grey and the outdoors are blanketed in white. The grey playing off the white makes your home feel even more cozy. While too much grey may feel bland, just remember, it will make the plethora of colors in the spring and summer look that much better!