Painting a room is never a fun task. It can be incredibly time-consuming and the final product can look underwhelming. While wallpaper and abstract art are good ways to add color to your room; there are many other options in case you are not a fan of either of those features. Here is a second look at the best ways to add color to a room without paint.

Pillow Fight!

Multiple pillows are great for sofas and chairs, but pillows can serve more needs than just comfort. A plethora of colorful pillows will help to brighten and liven up the room. Now, your pillows will please your guests in several ways: looks and comfort.


Adding plants to your home works in every season. Green is great for the summer, while other colors work in the fall. Sprucing up your plants with some lights and decorations is perfect for the holidays. Green, brown, or orange – no matter the color, pants look great inside your home!


It may seem unorthodox, but shelves can really enhance the look of a room. The shelves or drawers do not need to be colorful though. A simple dresser with flowers on top could look enticing in the corner of a living area.


Just because you didn’t use paint on your walls, doesn’t mean you have to leave them blank. Adding fabric directly to your wall can really give the room character. Applying fabric to a wall can be simple – if holes are not an issue, feel free to use a staple gun to put the fabric up. Some materials can be expensive though, so make sure you are 100 percent on board with fabric.

Curtain Call

Much like plants, curtains of different colors can blow your guests away. A soft blue or a light green works tremendously as the colder months roll in. Don’t want to add more curtains? Fine, open up those curtains and let the sun provide your room with brightness!