Design Trends

When the calendar hits the fall season, it means less time spent outside and more time spent indoors. With the entire family gathered inside for the next few months, there are many things homeowners can do to spice things up. Our first design tips included using seasonal colors and renovating one’s patio. Here are a few more design trends for the upcoming fall season:

More Plants!

Houseplants can always ‘spruce’ up a living area. Autumn is definitely the time of year to add more plants inside your home. These plants won’t just make your home more aesthetically pleasing – they are good for you too, filtering the air indoors. While the fiddle leaf fig was the summer’s hottest plant, it’s time to make room for other fall favorites. The greener your home appears, the better. Plants make your home more efficient and more inviting.

You Wood

Green and orange are two of the fall’s top colors, but brown still remains number one. Look around you during the fall time – you are surrounded by brown. Brown trees and brown leaves cover the outdoors, so don’t be afraid to let that color inside as well. White and brown together can look stunning in the kitchen. The bathroom is another spot where this color combination shines. Wooden utensils and plateware are also very popular at this time of the year.

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

Whether it’s a hard cider or a thanks-tini, fall is the perfect time to break out your favorite alcoholic beverages. And when guests are over for your annual Halloween party, you better have a drink tray on hand. Most trays can fit at least a 12-pack of beer or multiple bottles of wine or liquor. There are many things you can do to spice up your tray as well – you can add a pillow or an ottoman as a centerpiece. As long as the tray is unique and the drinks are cold, your fall party will be a hit!