Vintage Is Making A Comeback

Vintage Is Making A Comeback

As the leaves begin to fall and the seasons begin to change, the age-old question of what’s in this year creeps into everyone’s mind. There is so much to consider such as colors, patterns, accessories, and more. It can be exhausting for anyone, but before you get too overwhelmed with all the possibilities, there is good news. Despite the constant evolution of technology and society, interior design seems to be trending in the opposite direction these days. Obviously, there will be elements of design that will continue to evolve with the times, but it’s a beautiful thing when that piece of art you bought years ago magically goes back into style. So, before you go out and spend money on all the latest trends, take a look at the trending items you might already own. It’s time to turn back the clock with interior design.

Artisan Products

In a world where everything is mass-produced, artisan products can add a personal touch to your home. Individually-handcrafted products take time to design and construct; therefore, they add an authenticity and exclusivity that cannot be matched in the design industry. Neutral colors are best for these kinds of items. That way, they can be used for any season.

Shop Flea Markets

Yard sales and flea markets may not seem ideal for decorating your home, but you’d be surprised how many beautiful pieces you can find. As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Of course, you don’t want to piece together a room with a bunch of flea market relics, so for starters, find one piece that you absolutely love and build around it.

Antique/Vintage Accessories

Antique and vintage accessories are making a comeback in a huge way. For a while, it was all about new, sleek designs; however, with the new hipster fad taking society by storm and transporting us back a couple decades, old and rustic-looking items are in again. So, dust off your old dressers and sand down your wooden stools, because interior design is turning back the clock.