Fall Design Trends

Fall is the most scenic season of them all – outdoors and indoors. With the changing of the seasons, comes a changing of design trends. Here is a look at some of the biggest interior design trends for the upcoming fall season:


Marble everything is in for 2017. Just last year, the industry saw a huge rise in the demand of marble counter tops. And most experts think that trend will continue this fall. While most summer homes featured a beach-style feel, more marble interior will suit your home well for the cooler months. Do yourself a favor and feature marble throughout your kitchen.

Orange And Green Colors

This color combination is perfect for the upcoming months. Orange is synonymous with the fall (pumpkin spice, anyone?), while nothing says the holiday season quite like some green in your living areas. The great thing about both of these colors is they can easily translate to every season. The green décor will work well if you plan on going for that beach-theme once again next summer.

Patio Renovations

The temperatures may go down just a bit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stretch outdoor living for as long as possible. Spending a lot of time outside during the fall can be tricky, but there are many ways to compensate for the cooler weather. Blankets to go along with soft colors like brown and white help keep family members warm during the brisk mornings and evenings. When re-designing your patio this fall, remember: keep it cozy!

Make Your Home Smarter

Generally speaking, our homes follow our lead. Over the years, we have become more dependent on the latest technology – and our homes have mimicked that pattern. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are not just perfect gifts; they are ideal for our busy lives, especially during the hectic fall months. With the climate changing on a dime, stay ahead of the curve by consulting with your home assistant before heading out of the house.