Technology Is Changing Interior Design

As the everchanging technology industry continues to reshape the world around us, interior design has been able to resist changing with it… until now. While there will always be elements of interior design that will never change, it certainly doesn’t hurt to help speed up the process for those who need to make changes in their home. There are plenty of apps and programs that can help with interior design, but the three listed below will expedite the entire process. Let’s take a look at how technology is simplifying interior design.


Houzz is essentially an online community for interior design. Think of a mixture of Pinterest, Amazon, and Craigslist. First, you can browse the site, as it is full of different designs and ideas for your next home project. Once you decide which idea you’d like to bring to life, you can purchase everything you need on the app via Houzz’s huge, curated selection of interior design products. Finally, you’re going to need someone to get the job done, unless you are a handyman yourself. If not, no worries. Houzz will connect you with the best contractors in your area. Essentially, Houzz is an all-in-one location for everything interior design.


Occipital takes it to a whole new level by using augmented reality to allow users to actually visualize what the finished product will look like before deciding to move forward on a project. A service offered on the Occipital app called TapMeasure can do anything from acting as a level to make sure a frame is hung on the wall straight to creating a 2D floor plan. On top of that, TapMeasure also has a feature called 3D Room Builder that will allow you to create a 3-dimensional rendering of the room. Another service offered by Occipital called SketchUp will allow you to add doors, windows, vents, outlets, and anything else you may need to add to your design preview.


While Hutch does not possess the measuring capabilities that Occipital offers, it can provide users with a similar design preview. Simply snap a photo of the area being renovated and upload it to the Hutch app. Once uploaded, you can mix and match different elements of the room by browsing through the app’s library of furniture, patterns, artwork, and more. Once a complete design is selected, you can actually purchase all of the products directly on the app. Hutch offers high-quality pieces from a variety of reputable retailers.