Turning Back The Clock With Interior Design

Vintage Is Making A Comeback

As the leaves begin to fall and the seasons begin to change, the age-old question of what’s in this year creeps into everyone’s mind. There is so much to consider such as colors, patterns, accessories, and more. It can be exhausting for anyone, but before you get too overwhelmed with all the possibilities, there is good news. Despite the constant evolution of technology and society, interior design seems to be trending in the opposite direction these days.

Simplifying Interior Design With Technology

Technology Is Changing Interior Design

As the everchanging technology industry continues to reshape the world around us, interior design has been able to resist changing with it… until now. While there will always be elements of interior design that will never change, it certainly doesn’t hurt to help speed up the process for those who need to make changes in their home. There are plenty of apps and programs that can help with interior design, but the three listed below will expedite the entire process.

Interior Design Magazine Turns 85

Interior Design Magazine

The go-to source for anything and everything interior design is turning 85 this year. Yes, Interior Design Magazine will be celebrating their 85th anniversary in 2017. Since the 1930’s, IDM has been the top publication in the industry, highlighting the most iconic and revolutionary designs throughout the years. From industry trends to cutting-edge projects, world-renowned events to the top designers in the game, IDM has been the one-stop shop for everything design for decades and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.