5 Overlooked Bathroom Items That Everyone Needs


When it comes to decorating your home, there is always that one room that seems to get neglected in the process. Often times, that room happens to be the bathroom. You might be thinking, “why should I spend time decorating the bathroom? It’s a place of ‘business.’ Get in, get out, and get on with your day.” While in some cases, that is true, others might suggest that the bathroom should receive the most interior design attention.

10 Ways To Add Color To A Room Without Paint (Part 2)


Painting a room is never a fun task. It can be incredibly time-consuming and the final product can look underwhelming. While wallpaper and abstract art are good ways to add color to your room; there are many other options in case you are not a fan of either of those features. Here is a second look at the best ways to add color to a room without paint.

New Renderings For IOC Headquarters Unveiled

The Olympic House

Way back in 2014, an international competition was held to determine which firm would design the new International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. When 3XN was chosen as the winner, the IOC knew that its new office was in good hands. Fast forward a few years, and 3XN has released new renderings of what is being dubbed, the “Olympic House.” Needless to say, it looks remarkable. Once completed, it will bring together about 600 employees that are currently working in separate offices throughout the city.

Design Trends For The Fall Season (Part 2)

Design Trends

When the calendar hits the fall season, it means less time spent outside and more time spent indoors. With the entire family gathered inside for the next few months, there are many things homeowners can do to spice things up. Our first design tips included using seasonal colors and renovating one’s patio. Here are a few more design trends for the upcoming fall season:

Turning Back The Clock With Interior Design

Vintage Is Making A Comeback

As the leaves begin to fall and the seasons begin to change, the age-old question of what’s in this year creeps into everyone’s mind. There is so much to consider such as colors, patterns, accessories, and more. It can be exhausting for anyone, but before you get too overwhelmed with all the possibilities, there is good news. Despite the constant evolution of technology and society, interior design seems to be trending in the opposite direction these days.

Simplifying Interior Design With Technology

Technology Is Changing Interior Design

As the everchanging technology industry continues to reshape the world around us, interior design has been able to resist changing with it… until now. While there will always be elements of interior design that will never change, it certainly doesn’t hurt to help speed up the process for those who need to make changes in their home. There are plenty of apps and programs that can help with interior design, but the three listed below will expedite the entire process.