5 Unlikely Places With Awesome Architecture


Throughout the world, there are certain cities that are directly associated with the most popular industry that drives its economy. For example, Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University, is also the home of Silicon Valley, which is almost synonymous with new-age technology. On the other hand, there are some locations across the globe that surprise people with their beauty.

Cool Colors Versus Warm Colors

Warm Colors

Color is one of the most valuable features inside a home. The proper color technique can evoke emotion and relaxation all at once, while poor use of color can make the interior of your home distasteful and uncomfortable. In other words, color is absolutely crucial in the design process. With the spring season right around the corner, it’s important for DIY’ers to know what differentiates warm colors and cool colors.

5 Beautiful Floral-Inspired Architectural Designs

Lotus Temple

When it comes to art, flowers can provide a wealth of inspiration. The same can be said about designers and architects. Just like almost any species or natural classification, there are a variety of different flowers that each have unique characteristics. From an architectural point of view, the wide range of options that floral designs provide can be extremely useful and actually lend themselves well to structural design. From spider lilies to magnolias, flowers have been used as inspiration for some of the world’s most beautiful buildings.

Top 5 Celebrity Interior Designers

Barack Obama

To be a professional interior designer, you must have an eye for art and a taste for elegance. It’s not about picking out the most beautiful individual pieces, it’s about being able to tie a room together with a variety of different design elements. Of course, celebrity interior designers have to take it a step further, because their clients expect perfection. These are the top 5 celebrity interior designers in Hollywood.

IDM’s Best Of Year Winners And Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

Champagne Glasses

Just two weeks ago on December 1st, Interior Design Magazine’s Editor in Chief Cindy Allen announced the winners of the Best of Year Awards as a part of their annual ceremony to celebrate the best of the best in design, architecture, and manufacturing. Tonight, Allen will take the stage at IDM’s 33rd annual Hall of Fame ceremony to acknowledge this year’s inductees.